Abandoned Dreams Exploration

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Welcome to the Abandoned Dreams Exploration website.

Abandoned dreams Exploration is group of Urban Explorers founded in Massachusettes in 2006. A small group of four, we are determined to infiltrate as many vacant structures as possible, bringing them into the public eye through our pictures, and stories. Each of the buildings we enter have a certain story to be told, Each room a new page, each floor a new chapter. This website will help tell those stories from our perspective.



**UPDATE**-Jan 1-

Abandoned Dreams has a new much larger site up and running. Come pay us a visit at Http://www.ade07.blogspot.com


New Locations!

The Dodgeville Rehab

Rt. 1 Squatters House

The Psychics House

The Reverends House

Hebronville Projects

Boarded Up 3 Story

Triboro Cinemas

The Leavens Award Co.

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